What is Pre-order?

Pre-order is an order for products that will appear in the market. Since we mostly created the product page without the finished product, please note that the finished product may look or specifications slightly different from those provided by original manufacturers.

Why choose Pre-order?

Pre-ordered products are generally highly anticipated ones and hoped to be booms in the market. However, the spot products prepared by the manufacturers are usually in short supply, so you may need to purchase in advance to ensure that you can get these popular products when the pre-order is available.

How is Pre-order's delivery?

We are sorry that we can't give you an exact time of shipment for pre-orders. However, for pre-orders, we would firstly ship order which is paid earlier.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions about our policy of pre-orders, please feel free to contact us via email service@deepvaping.co.uk or business@deepvaping.co.uk.

Thanks for your read!