IVG 50ml Shortfill
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IVG 50ml Shortfill

Brand: IVG


Ship From: WH 2

Packing: 1pc/pack

Specifications and quantity:

  • UK supplier IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Pink Lemonade | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Pink Lemonade , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 20068

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  • authentic IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Bubblegum Millions Lollipop | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Bubblegum Millions Lollipop , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19974

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  • authentic IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Blue Raspberry | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Blue Raspberry , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19785

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  • wholesale price IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Blue Lollipop | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Blue Lollipop , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19971

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  • IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Rainbow Lollipop | Strength: 0mg/ml UK store

    Rainbow Lollipop , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19972

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  • IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Caramel Lollipop | Strength: 0mg/ml wholesale

    Caramel Lollipop , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19973

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  • IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Raspberry Macarons | Strength: 0mg/ml UK store

    Raspberry Macarons , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19678

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  • wholesale price IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Strawberries & Cream Macarons Eliquid | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Strawberries & Cream Macarons Eliquid , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19677

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  • UK wholesale IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Lemon Macarons | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Lemon Macarons , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19676

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  • cheap IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Purple Slush | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Purple Slush , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19786

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  • IVG 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Strawberry Sensation | Strength: 0mg/ml wholesale

    Strawberry Sensation , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19787

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  • Description

Pink Lemonade:sweet lemonade with a hint of grapefruit.
Blue Lollipop: Sour Blueberries & Raspberries mixed with a delicious Lollipop base.
Caramel Lollipop: A classic caramel lollipop from your childhood
Bubblegum Millions Lollipop: bubblegum flavoured fun that you won't need to stick to the bottom of the desk!
Strawberry Sensation: A delicious mix of fresh strawberries and sweet candy with a cooling effect.
Purple Slush: Sweet black grapes with a refreshingly crisp cooling effect.
Blue Raspberry: Mouthwatering fresh fruity treat with an icy slush effect.
Lemon Macarons: Lemon Eliquid by I VG has a Citrus Burst followed by notes of cream and cake for a unique Macaron flavoured eliquid.
Strawberries & Cream Macarons Eliquid: Strawberry Cream Eliquid by I VG Macarons is a flavour that has an authentic Macaron base topped off with Strawberries and Cream.
Raspberry Macarons: a flavor mix of Raspberry, with cake and cream undertones.

  • Nicotine: 0mg
  • Size: 50ml (60ml bottle)
  • Flavour Profile: Pink Lemonade(Grapefruit, Lemonade), Blue Lollipop(Mixed Berries, Sweets), Caramel Lollipop(Caramel, Sweets), Bubblegum Millions Lollipop(Bubblegum, Sweets/Candy), Strawberry Sensation(Strawberry Sweet/Candy, Menthol), Purple Slush(Black Grapes, Slushy, Menthol), Blue Raspberry(Blue Raspberry, Slushy, Menthol), Lemon Macarons(Cake, Lemon, Macaron), Strawberries & Cream Macarons Eliquid(Cake, Cream, Macaron, Strawberry) and Raspberry Macarons(Cake, Macaron, Raspberry).
  • PG30/VG70
  • Made in the UK