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Mix Up 50ml Shortfill
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Mix Up 50ml Shortfill

Brand: Mix Up


Ship From: WH 2

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Packing: 1pc/pack

Specifications and quantity:

  • UK wholesale Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Pear Drops | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Pear Drops , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19969

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  • Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Aniseed Chew | Strength: 0mg/ml UK shop

    Aniseed Chew , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19719

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  • Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Banana Foams | Strength: 0mg/ml wholesale price

    Banana Foams , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19713

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  • UK wholesale Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Fizzy Cola | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Fizzy Cola , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19715

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  • Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Sour Worms | Strength: 0mg/ml UK store

    Sour Worms , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19830

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  • authentic Mix Up 50ml Shortfill

    Ice pastels , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 20062

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  • Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Strawberry Laces | Strength: 0mg/ml UK supplier

    Strawberry Laces , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19718

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  • wholesale price Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Tutti Fruity | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Tutti Fruity , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19720

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  • UK store Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Love Candy | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Love Candy , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19717

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  • Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Jelly Bears | Strength: 0mg/ml wholesale price

    Jelly Bears , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19716

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  • Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Raspberry & Vanilla Chew | Strength: 0mg/ml UK supplier

    Raspberry & Vanilla Chew , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19714

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  • Mix Up 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Bubblegum Billions | Strength: 0mg/ml UK supplier

    Bubblegum Billions , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 19906

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  • Description

Pear Drops

Just like the hard boiled sweets! A mouth-watering vape is assured!

Bubblegum Billions

The jaw-dropping combination of bubblegum with a sweet aftertaste will have you wanting more! New Bubblegum by Mix-Up has just landed!

Strawberry Sherbet Chew

Just like the fizzy berry chew stick!! This flavour is the ultimate sweet and sour berry zest mix!

Sour Worms

Get ready for an explosive flavour! Fizzy, Sour, sweet, juicy, and everything else! This flavour really has the wow factor of sweetie vapes.

Banana Foams

Banana Foams by Mix Up is the profound Banana cream foam sweet bursting with flavour.

Raspberry & Vanilla Chew

Raspberry and vanilla by Mix Up is a sweet raspberry milk lollipop.

Fizzy Cola

Fizzy Cola by Mix Up is flavourful tangy bottles of Fizzy Cola.

Jelly Bears

Jelly Bears by Mix Up is an intense fusion of sweet and ripe fruits.

Love Candy

Love Candy by Mix Up is a deep, sweet & juicy mix of berries & citric fruits.

Strawberry Laces

Strawberry Laces by Mix Up is juicy and sweet, rich flavoured Strawberry Laces!

Aniseed Chew

A full-bodied, Aniseed chew bar. So close to the real thing, you may have to check your tongue.

Tutti Fruity

Tutti Fruity by Mix Up is mixed fruit chew sweets! Berries, Citric fruits & and juicy Currants.

Nicotine: 0mg
Size: 50ml
Ratio: PG30/VG70
Flavour: Pear Drops, Bubblegum Billions, Strawberry Sherbet Chew, Sour Worms, Banana Foams, Raspberry & Vanilla Chew, Fizzy Cola, Jelly Bears, Love Candy, Strawberry Laces, Aniseed Chew, Tutti Fruity