X-Series E-Liquid 50ml Shortfill
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X-Series E-Liquid 50ml Shortfill

Brand: X-Series


Ship From: WH 2

Packing: 1pc/pack

Specifications and quantity:

  • X-Series E-Liquid 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Purple Slush | Strength: 0mg/ml wholesale

    Purple Slush , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 20537

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  • for wholesale X-Series E-Liquid 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Frozen Grape | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Frozen Grape , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 20536

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  • X-Series E-Liquid 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Blue Rancher | Strength: 0mg/ml UK store

    Blue Rancher , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 20534

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  • wholesale X-Series E-Liquid 50ml Shortfill Flavor: Bubblegum Juicy Fruit | Strength: 0mg/ml

    Bubblegum Juicy Fruit , 0mg/ml

    SKU: 20535

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  • Description

Purple Slush: pure violet flavor!
Frozen Grape: flavorful grape will cool sense. A mix of blueberry and raspberry with proper sweetness. 
Bubblegum Juicy Fruit: A special chewing gum taste finished with a mouth of watering bubblegum taste!
Blue Rancher: A wonderful chewing gum flavor paired with full bubblegum taste!

Nicotine: 0mg
Size: 50ml
Ratio: PG30/VG70
Purple Slush Flavour Profile: Raspberry, Sweets
Frozen Grape Flavour Profile: Grape, Menthol
Bubblegum Juicy Fruit Flavour Profile: Flavour Profile: Mixed Fruits, Bubblegum
Blue Rancher Flavour Profile: Sweets, Blueberry, Raspberry